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Our Purpose

Rural Church and the Modern Family:
Central to our mission and ministries at New Life Fellowship - Perryville, we are responding to God's call and vision to reach the 82% of Perry County, Arkansas that do not attend church anywhere.  We intentionally create a fresh, new church experience for today's modern family.

  • Contemporary Worship Video and Music - you listen to great contemporary worship music in your commute to work, at the office or even at home (like what's on KLOVE) - why not worship as a congregation to them as well?
  • Casual Atmosphere - we want you to feel like you're at home.
  • Relevant Bible lessons (sermons) that meet you right where you are, today.
  • We don't pass offering plates, though we encourage you to give as God leads you.  No committees, business meetings or complicated institutional structure.  No family dynasties.  No membership lists.  No paid staff - we are all volunteer.

Simple. Authentic. Organic.

What's Happening At NLF

Children's Ministry launched:  In 2013 New Life Fellowship launched "Kingdom Kidz" children's ministry, to help parents nurture their children in Christian principles, striving for a relationship in Jesus. 

Church Van - recently acquired a church van for small group outings.

Innovative Learning - In addition to gathering on Sunday's and Wednesday's, we also make available a massive web based video library of 15 Bible tracks, 353 programs and over 3,360 videos and media lessons on bible study, ministry and biblical principles. 

Heart For The House Campaign:  In October of 2013, New Life Fellowship - Perryville  began the "Heart For The House" campaign to set aside funds to expand our simple campus into Sunday School classrooms, Fellowship Hall and a larger Sanctuary.