Core Values of New Life Fellowship

New Life Fellowship seeks to be a simple, organic and authentic biblical community. We are passionate about reaching the lost and unchurched through relational evangelism and Christian fellowship. Our ministry is to develop a high aptitude of biblical understanding and confidence in spiritual giftedness of believers to employ them into all the world for Christ. New Life Fellowship will intentionally pursue contemporary means of worship expression and discipleship and offering relevant life lessons drawn from the Word of God.




(Core Values that speak to our fellowship personality)



New Life Fellowship will frequently and earnestly assess its vision and strategies in light of the current generation and exercise effort to remain contemporary



New Life Fellowship will challenge all ministry and organizational structure and activities with the intent of remaining simple. Too many layers of organization, tradition and legacy will make a church inflexible and responsive to the current generation. We must graciously say "No" to alot of things, so that we may passionately say "Yes" to what God has called us to do.



New Life Fellowship will remain ever conscious that the church is a living body of people, not a building, list of accomplishments, family dynasty or legacy. A community of people, being organic in nature, must be nurtured, cared for in order to prosper.



New Life Fellowship will promote a culture of honesty and transparency, even if the results are uncomfortable or unattractive. We will vigorously and often encourage strong inward reflection to mirror the "realness" of being a sinner with the "realness of knowing Jesus".



New Life Fellowship will study needs and approaches to ministry and constantly challenge each other to be purposed and deliberate. Waiting for someone else to “do it” is not obedience to the scriptures. With much work to be done - there is actually little opportunity for passive attendees at New Life. Everyone must be surrendered, engaged and focused to reach 8,000 residents of Perry County who do not attend church anywhere.



New Life Fellowship will frequently and earnestly assess its vision and strategies for ministry and missions that reach the current generation. Each generation has a unique set of attributes and we will seek to adapt our methods while retaining the message of the Word of God to reach the lost and unchurched.



New Life Fellowship will consistently promote passion for ministry and spiritual purpose among its congregation. Everyone will be given a credible opportunity to develop and participate in their personal ministry while be held accountable for their witness.




New Life Fellowship will measure each and every activity to the following purposes: Evangelism (Reach), Fellowship (Connect), Discipleship (Grow), Ministry (Serve) and Worship (Glorify). New Life Fellowship will avoid activities that do not contribute to one or more of these purposes.